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Thanks to Joy for going miles out of her way to pick us up, and to Bobby and Joseph for driving
from Lynchburg to take us back to the Greensboro airport.

Marion and Herman Cook gave us the use of their house and car for the whole week. Thank you!!

Thanks for the delicious dinners with Nancye’s mother, James and Idella Lynch, and the Cook family.
We came back to Oklahoma well fed.

Our children JoAnn and Bobby and their families were with us at Christmas. Our grandsons Ryan and
Joseph are really growing. Paul and Rebecca phoned to tell us we’ll be grandparents again by

Danny’s sister Elaine Gibson is recovering from the installation of her new knee. Melvin Vernon is
recovering from serious injuries from a fall. Pray for their recovery to be fast and complete.

Thanks to Danville City Manager Ray Griffin for displaying many of Danny’s historical posters at the
Municipal Building.

On January 21, 1998, we will travel 11 1/2 time zones to India. Pray for many to be saved, healed,
and delivered; and for the safety and effectiveness of the team and resident missionaries.

We pray you have a joyful blessed new year,

Robert "Danny" & Nancye Ricketts