First Day Spring at the Allen Ranch
After all the studying and traveling, we enjoyed spring break with our son Bobby and grandson Joseph. Bobby’s
wife Kim had to stay in Virginia to work. We missed you, Kim.

First priority for Joseph was riding horses at the Allen Ranch, where we went with them one year ago. This year,
Joseph had his own horse and proved to be a "Real Cowboy," even though his feet didn’t quite reach the
stirrups. His Grandmother proved she could actually stay on a horse.
Joseph Ricketts with GRANDPA
Robert "Danny" Ricketts 1998
The Ricketts Gang: Robert "Danny", Bobby, Nancye
encouragement for troubled youth at their ranch south of Tulsa. Donations provide most of their
the area, go by and visit for a taste of the Old West. [NOTE: Since this newsletter was written, the
owners of the Allen Ranch decided to close it to the public. You can check with them - maybe by
now they are offering horseback riding again.]