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Robert "Danny" Ricketts
(from the November 1997 issue of our Trust in The Lord Newsletter)
washer hose was spraying water to the ceiling. Nancye and I spent three hours mopping & pushing
water out through the garage - plus moving our stuff above water level.

Our insurance deductible is $1,000 and in the natural, that looked bad. The man from the clean up
company is a Christian. He told us that, according to the Bible, our gain would be greater than our
loss. Thank God that we don’t look only in the natural realm, but we also live in the spiritual realm
where nothing is impossible with God.

The insurance company was very generous. They paid me for many of my historical posters that
were damaged. Nancye commented that they are hard to sell wet. I said, “Yeh, they’re hard to sell
dry, too!”

We settled with the insurance company a couple of days before the announcement for the mission
trip to India. After the deductible and paying the major bills for the damage, we had more than a
thousand dollars left over. The deposit for the mission trip for both of us totaled one thousand
dollars. We had exactly enough.

Our Father God took a bad situation and turned it for good. He has met every need we’ve had. He
provided our house here in Oklahoma and caused our house in Danville to sell. During the last school
year, every bill , every tuition payment was paid on time.

We thought we'd have to hire a company to mow our grass during the summer. Without our
mentioning it, our neighbor volunteered to mow the grass & watch our house.
The Lord takes good care of us!!