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Christmas vacation in Danville, Virginia.

It is our prayer that each person will have a wonderful Christmas, not just on the outside, but may
each of you have the true Christmas in your heart as well. When we receive Jesus as Savior and
Lord, we can have Christmas in our hearts all year round.

Thanks to all who chose to have a part in our mission trip to India next month. The fifteen who are
going to Nagpur, India had our first meeting and everyone is excited about working with the Thorats
in their ministry there. Brother Joe Duininck, our trip leader, is especially excited about the trip.

We have had great classes this fall. All students have their lives changed by the experience here at
Rhema Bible Training Center. Rev. Kenneth Hagin, Sr., who has been in the ministry for 63 years,
since 1934, teaches one of our classes.

On December 2nd we had our Rhema Christmas Banquet. The speaker was a graduate, the Rhema
Singers and Band ministered in song and the staff of the school served Communion.

We are half way through our second year here. It will not be long before we all switch from taking in
to giving out more. The Bible training here is intense, but the anointing of the instructors and the
excitement of the students create a wonderful experience.

We will be “carried back to old Virginia” by plane on Dec.24th to have Christmas with our family and
will return here in time for the special New Year’s Eve service. Reverend Kenneth Copeland will
Robert "Danny" Ricketts