Send us your praise reports.  We're excited about the wonderful things God is doing for people.  
God has been so good to us and we write below about some of the things He has done.

 PRAISE REPORT from Danny Ricketts: We have been praising and thanking God. Danny was
told in May 2001 that he had a tumor on his liver. The local doctor was very concerned that it might be
cancer and he sent Danny to Duke University Hospital. We have stood on the Word of God that Danny "will
not die, but live and proclaim the works of the Lord." We know Jesus is our Healer and the Word of God
teaches that it IS God's Will to Heal His children. We have been thanking God for Danny's healing. Well -
PRAISE GOD!!! After surgery at Duke, he received a Good Report from the doctor that the tumor was not
cancer; only a benign growth. Our friends have been praying for a good outcome, for a quick recovery and
renewed strength for Danny. We're pleased to report that only 2 - 1/2 weeks after the surgery, the doctor
told him to "come back in a year." His strength has come back fast. These are all answers to the prayers
of our wonderful friends and family. Thank you for standing with us in Faith. We give all the Glory to God.
He is so good. How could we ever live without Him?

UPDATE April 2003:  Robert "Danny" Ricketts is still going strong and praising God for His wonderful care.  
While he was recovering from surgery, Danny created a large healing poster with healing scriptures and
small bits of teaching on healing.  

(2)  PRAISE REPORT from Nancye Ricketts: On 8/20/01 NANCYE was diagnosed with tendonitis of
the rotator cuff, due to her duties as a rural mail carrier. The medical doctor prescribed physical therapy,
chiropractic, and pain therapy. Less than two weeks later - the doctor saw such improvement in the
shoulder that she is allowing Nancye to return to the mail route two days a week. That is really quick.
People were asking Nancye if she was going to retire on disability from the Post Office. NO! Retiring early
would be nice, but when Nancye retires she wants to be in excellent health - there's a lot more for Robert
and Nancye to do in the latter half of their lives on earth; a lot more than they accomplished in the first
half. God will supply the good health, strength, ability and whatever else it takes to do His will. Praise God.
No one is greater than our God. Doctors and medicine certainly can help us, but healing is from the Lord.
He made our bodies able to heal and He can speed up that process.

UPDATE April 2003:  A few weeks after I wrote the above report, instead of getting better, my shoulder
began to get worse.  Co-workers told me that this type of injury always returns. For awhile it was
discouraging, but I remembered that God is still God no matter what happens.  He is still the God who heals
me.  That fact that Jesus bore my sickness and carried my pains has not changed.  In October 2001 Danny
and I (Nancye) went to Richmond, Virginia to be in a week of meetings Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin was holding
at Faith Landmarks Church.  One night I went forward for ministry concerning the rotator cuff condition.  
All the pain left and I regained normal function of my arm, neck and shoulder.  PRAISE GOD!  THANK YOU,
JESUS!!  When we returned from Richmond, I told the doctor and my employer that I could return to my
job fulltime.  They were not sure about it for a few days, but they finally had to admit that the injury was
healed.  That was one and a half years ago and I am still healed!  The night of my healing, Rev. Keith
Moore was ministering.  He told us that the physical symptoms would try to come back and that, when this
happens, we are to say something like this, "I have been healed and that anointing is working in me now."  
I am a witness to the truth of his statements.  The symptoms tried to come back and take over, but I
refused to give in.  Sometimes, this could go on for days, but I refused to give up.  Did you know that the
devil cannot defeat you, if you refuse to quit believing God?  When I say, "That anointing is working in me
now," my shoulder moves and the pain leaves.  I told my husband that its like having an angelic
chiropractor.  These days the symptoms rarely try to come back.  If you are interested in more information
on keeping your healing, a good little book to read is "How To Keep Your Healing" by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin.

Update January 2005:  I had a recurrence of the rotator cuff problem that put me back at the doctor's
office.  Thank God, within a relatively short time, the pain was completely gone and I was back at work.

Update July 2007:  My shoulder has been mostly pain free for over two years. When little twinges come, I
take action right away.  "Oh no! My shoulder has been healed.  I believe I have received complete healing
for that shoulder and I will never take that pain back, not the longest day I live, in Jesus' Name!"  Does
that sound radical? Well, radical or not, I am glad to report that it works.

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