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The Lord Is My Strength
Nancye Barbour Ricketts
(from the November 1997 issue of our Trust in The Lord Newsletter)
at the post office. I’d been away for ten months - how would I do it? A friend at Rhema Bible
Training Center had told me she believed the Lord would give me a summer with lots of joy. I’m glad
to report that she was right!! God is faithful. He gave me strength to get the job done even on
those extra-long work days.

Also, Danny and I had a great time with family, friends and coworkers. It was good to see friends
and family at Third Avenue Christian Church, and to hear Pastor Freddy Vicks preach from his heart.
We enjoyed being with friends at Abundant Life World Outreach Church, and Pastors Bill and Sharon
Motley. Their preaching always challenges me to be bold and fearless in marching ahead in God’s
Army of believers. The people at Christian Heritage Church were especially brave and asked us to
speak to the congregation (and we hadn’t even graduated from Bible school). The Lord is really
using Brother Larry Gravett and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong in the services.

How wonderful to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached and to see what the Lord is doing
through ALL of His people in Danville, Virginia.

We arrived back in Oklahoma near the end of August. It was nice to see our good friends here in the
Tulsa area. Our friend and fellow student, Joel Njoku from Nigeria, invited us to his apartment for
real African food: rice, a type of stew with chicken, and another chicken and fish dish - very good!
Danny and I both are excited about going to India in January. Your prayers are appreciated both
now and when we are in India.

Life serving Jesus has started to get very interesting and exciting!

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